"The Highly Sensitive Person"  by Elaine Aron, Ph.D.

             Do you have a keen imagination, a rich inner life, vivid dreams?  Is time alone as essential as air?  Do your own emotions overwhelm you?  If you answered yes, you might be a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP.

            Elaine Aron - psychotherapist, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, and an HSP herself - has done extensive research on 'sensory-processing sensitivity'.  She has found real differences in people's tolerance for stimulation, reporting that one in five people is born highly sensitive, with equal distribution by gender.  Having personally experienced the challenges of possessing a trait often misunderstood and undervalued by our culture, Aron wants HSP's  to understand their sensitivity as an asset instead of a flaw.

            A trait with tremendous gifts - HSP's are often highly creative, intuitive, conscientious, and insighful - it does have its drawbacks as well, including a tendency to become easily frazzled, being perceived as moody or aloof, or feeling overly influenced by the moods of others.  When you understand energy, and how extensive the aura around the body is, you know that it is more than mood.

 "Are You Really Too Sensitive?" by Marcy Calhoun

             Marcy has been using her psychic skills for many years to help people learn to trust their inner voice and enjoy life as a positive experience.  This book provides many practicel techniques for understanding, living with, and developing our intuitive sensitivity.

  "Be Careful What You Pray For... You Just Might Get It." by Larry Dossey, M.D.

 "Space, Time & Medicine" by Larry Dossey, M.D.

KRYON 'The End Times' (New information for personal peace) Book One to Nine

            'The New Beginning' (2002 and beyond)  Book Nine  

 "A New Beginning" series by Jerry & Esther Hicks,   ''The Science of Deliberate Creation'   

 "The Stormy Search for the Self" by Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof, M.D.

            Many people are undergoing a profound personal transformation associated with spiritual opening.  Under favourable circumstances, this process results in emotional healing, a radical shift in values, and a profound awareness of the mystical dimension of existence.  For some, these changes are gradual and relatively smooth, but for others, they can be so rapid and dramatic that they interfere with effective everyday functioning.

            In The Stormy Search for the Self, Christina and Stanislav Grof draw on years of personal and professional experience with transformative states to explore 'spiritual emergence' and its complications and vicissitudes, for which they have coined the term 'spiritual emergence'.  More information.

 "The Spectrum of Consciousness" by Ken Wilber

            Like radiation and light, consciousness establishes a multiplicity of aspects as it 'steps' down into time and space.  Thus, as a spectrum, it can be studied legitimately on one or more of its 'wave-lengths'.  Viewing consciousness in this way, we can see that seemingly disparate disciplines such as Christianity Hinduism, Gestalt therapy, etc., each speaks to a different wave length of awareness.  Therefore, though each necessarily has its own unique coloration, each is valid and valuable in its own way. More information at: Current dialogues with Andrew Cohen