This was the highlight of my year 2008.




2007 came in with changes and surprises.  WOW! 

 I have come to the decision that it is not possible for me to continue with the regular monthly dinners at the Fogolar Furlan Club of Windsor.  Please note that I said “regular monthly dinners”.  This is because I expect to be away from Windsor for long stretches of time throughout the year and therefore cannot organize or oversee our regular monthly functions.  However, I will endeavor to find new avenues to bring forth the knowledge that is bursting to come into bloom in the days and years ahead.  WIN will continue, but in an altered state.  We need to continue to open our minds and hearts to be responsive and responsible to the revelations that are in our lives. It is with this in mind that I will endeavor to promote and implement presentations in the future as the opportunity and my being in Windsor permits.  The WIN web page will continue to be updated, so keep checking it, and send contributions for it.   If you wish to contact me, please use my Email address to reach me even when I am out of the country. 


“Celebrate your life no matter where it takes you – no matter how difficult – and know that it is only a transition.” – KRYON

 “God is not in a vacuum, dear one.  Your spiritual family is not ignorant about your life or the challenges that you face.  Therefore, when you pray, say: God, tell me what it is I should know.  Then celebrate your victory.” -- KRYON




Anne K. Hudec


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