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 Revised: 01/11/05

Peter is the Professor Emeritus at the University of Windsor in the Earth Science Department.  During his active years, he was a professor of Engineering Geology, specializing in Construction Material Durability - or more specifically, the durability of Concrete Aggregates. Although retired, he still maintains an office and a small laboratory at the University, where he 'putters around' with unfinished projects.  The large amount of data collected over the active research years is being sorted, organized, re-analyzed, and statistically compared.   More papers are sure to come out of this. 

The fruits of these labours will appear on the technical web pages that are continually updated.  Click on the hot button to access my TECHNICAL WEB SITE at the University

Hobbies and Interests:

Science and technology remain as the main interests.  These are being followed through reading of the more popular magazines such as DISCOVER and POPULAR SCIENCE, related TV programs (TechTV, Discover, etc. channels), and in the popular press.  Interests in things related to computer - hardware and software continue to dominate.

Photography, mostly of family and nature.   A 5.2mb Digital Camera is particularly well exercised during the summer months' extended camping trips. 

Exercise and fitness are high on the list.  Morning and evening walks around the neighborhood and in the woods while at home, and on trails when camping are de-rigour.  Biking to the U (weather permitting), one way distance of 12k, and around campgrounds is enjoyable.    

Movies, Classical Music, and Reading fill in the spare time.  Satellite TV, at home and carried around in our RV provide us with entertainment.  The full surround-sound home movie theater ads to the enjoyment of retirement.



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