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Welcome to my Web site!

            How do you define and describe Spirit?  Is it something invisible or is it defined by one's character, activities and beliefs?  Just what do we mean when we define someone as 'Spiritual'?  Peter likes to make the distinction by saying that you can 'touch' his profession with the hands.  He is a "show me type of guy''.  What I am involved in is out of the visible range of sight and is in the realm of ...  Well, yes, invisible!  Can you see a thought?

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             I am a product of many cultures.  Born in the Slovak Republic during the WWII era I spent my early childhood years there and in Austria.  I am a Canadian citizen and have spent many years living in the United States of America.  In our family travels, at one time or another, I have ''circled the globe''.  Now retired, we do not go so far a field.  This is largely due to the fact that we thrill being with our expanding family.

             In the early 1970's I started having a series of very profound experiences.  Spurts of energy would flow through my body and I would have illuminating insights.  My intuition blossomed because I found very quickly that when logic and reason functioned I found blocks along the way.  Telepathy and pre-cognitive dreams also became the norm.  I can sense peoples' flow of energy.  However, I needed to learn how to distinguish what was my own and what was another's. Wow, where does all of this come from?!!  Where to turn for explanations?  Believe me, every day is a teaching.  Slowly and surely we get to distinguish what matters and what does not. What is our truth,  and that of our significant others.  What we hold on to, what we let go.  I may belong to the Cirque de Soleil of  the intellect, intuition and emotions.  My Soul is the net of safety.

             I love my family.  I love creativity.  I love the many expressions of the ''arts and sciences".  I love the dedicated souls who honour their vision and are participating in the evolutionary shift in consciousness.  I love the brave, the courageous and the explorers who dedicate their lives to re-discovery of what we all know in our hearts.  Today I invest my time in the most transcendental work: my life.  Today, with feet on the ground, I hope to understand reality and the mystic's gaze to create my future.  Today, I invite you to begin a new season where we can dream that everything we undertake is possible and that we fulfill it, with joy and dignity. I honour you the reader.  And we DO, touch.  Every time we think of each other.


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